• Hot-End / Cold-End Coating System
  • High quality coating material

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CAMBRIDGE designs and engineers metal mesh conveyor belting and systems that are widely used in food and beverage processing and in the glass, ceramic and other industries.


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PSR forehearth systems and feeder expendables — the perfect combination for good glass conditioning and production efficiency.

Feeder expendable
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Forehearth Refractories
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Channel Blocks and Distributor Blocks
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TOTAL Specialties USA, Inc. – Glass Business, is the manufacturer and worldwide supplier of Kleenmold® lubricants and coatings used in the glass container industry.
  • Blank Mold Lubricants
  • Delivery Coatings
  • Delivery Lubricants (Scoop Oils)
  • Mold Compounds
  • Precoats
  • Ring Dopes
  • Shear Spray Lubricants
  • I.S. Machine Oils
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  • Sweepout Molded Pocket
  • Ware Transfer
  • Metal Mount Pads(Fingers)
  • Lehr Stacker Bars
  • Sheet Materials and Cut Parts
  • Ware Transfer Plate
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  • Silent Chains
  • Allguard FX Silent Chain
  • Lifeguard Silent Chain
  • Power Transmission
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PUTSCH® is one of the world's largest manufacturers of shear blades for gob feeders. Our products cut over 20 billion gobs of glass a year at glass factories world-wide.


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  • Elevator Belt
  • Conveyor Belt


Glass manufacturing & Container making

Rexnord products are known for their reliable performance in though conditions and challenging applications due to their robustness in design and drive technology. In container making therefore Rexnord products are often the preferred choice for applications like vacuum elevators, high speed (magnetic) conveyors, UV applications, high temperature applications and inspection conveyors

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